The Best Grand Canyon Activities

Best Grand Canyon Activities– While Las Vegas offers plenty in the way of fun and entertainment, you also can find a lot of excitement by scheduling a Grand Canyon tour through a travel provider, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. Not only can you hike and witness some amazing panoramic views, you can also take part in one-of-a-kind activities. These are our 8 best Grand Canyon activities which draw millions of visitors to the canyon each year.

1. Hiking

If you love adventure, you will love hiking in Grand Canyon National Park. Whether you explore the canyon on a challenging or easy trail, you will find that the park offers a chance to escape and enjoy some solitude. Easily one of the best Grand Canyon activities, hiking the canyon lets you see it from all amazing points of view.

2. Riding in a Mule Train Along a Canyon Path

You can explore famous Grand Canyon trails by taking a mule train in the park. See the sights along Bright Angel Trail and South Kaibab Trail by mule, and give your legs a rest.

3. Ride the Railway

The Grand Canyon Railway is a historic line of track that once was used for transporting ore. It became a major form of travel for visitors in the early days. Now you can ride the rails, as part of a Grand Canyon tour.

4. Enjoy a Scenic Drive

You can also take a scenic drive outside and inside Grand Canyon National Park. The sights in the spring and fall permit you to see nature wearing some of its finest clothing. Savor the smell of colorful wildflowers in the spring or view the splendor of fall in the turning of the leaves.

5. Plan an Overnight Camping Trip

Use the sky and stars as your canopy by camping in the park near one of the lodges, or at a designated campground site. This is a campsite like no other in the world, making camping in the canyon one of the best Grand Canyon activities.

6. River Raft on the Colorado River

An exciting activity, river rafting on the Colorado River allows you to see nature’s art and the canyon’s walls up close.

7. Taking a Helicopter Ride Is One Of The Best Grand Canyon Activities 

If you want to see aerial views of the canyon, schedule a helicopter ride. This is the best way to see the canyon, if you want to see several areas in a faster sequence of time.

8. Visit the Skywalk at the West Rim

You can also find an exciting attraction at the canyon’s West Rim. The glass Skywalk is a cantilever bridge that projects out over the canyon’s depths. The horseshoe-configured walkway enables visitors to see 720 feet beneath them into the Canyon. That is because the heavy-duty glass platform is noted as being a see-through and sturdy floor. It holds tons of traffic, and therefore is made to hold high numbers of visitors.

The Best Grand Canyon Activities Found On Tour

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