Taking A Grand Canyon Bus Trip On Your Vegas Vacation

If you want to witness a major attraction outside of Vegas, schedule one of the Grand Canyon bus trips offered online. Doing so will make your trip to Vegas even more interesting. You can book this excursion through a local Vegas travel company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations.

By adding a daytrip to your Vegas adventure, you will actually spend less money. For example, a travel package to the South Rim will give you a chance to see a major attraction outside of Vegas for less money than what you would spend to gamble. This affordable day journey allows you to break up your vacation into segments. Therefore, it provides a great escape or a short reprieve during your Vegas holiday.

Traveling To The South Rim

When scheduling one of the Grand Canyon bus trips from Vegas, most people choose to travel to the South Rim, as it features more attractions and allows first-time guests to learn more about the natural wonder and gorge. Young family members can even earn badges by participating in activities in this part of Grand Canyon National Park.

You will also want to travel the trails of the South Rim. Most first-time visitors and budding geologists like to visit the Trail of Time, which is part of the popular Rim Trail. This part of the trail enables park visitors to learn more about the rock formation and development of the canyon.

By taking one of the Grand Canyon bus trips, you can enjoy the sites at Grand Canyon Village and stay cooler too. The Rim Trail is mostly level, and therefore offers more shade in the summertime. You can also shuttle to certain points in the park if you want to stay cool.

Visiting The West Rim

Maybe you would like to explore the West Rim. If so, this destination is not located within Grand Canyon National Park. Instead the West Rim of the canyon sits on tribal land. Therefore, it does not feature as many sites and attractions. However, that does not mean you won’t see some amazing sights. For instance, you can take a walk on the glass Skywalk, a projecting bridge in this part of the gorge. You can also see the remains of an old guano mining operation.

Grand Canyon Bus Trips Are A Can’t Miss

Whatever one of the Grand Canyon bus trips you take, you will savor the experience. If you want to enjoy more temperate temperatures and weather, plan to go during the spring or fall. Maybe you can only see the canyon during the summer. If so, make sure you wear proper clothing and sunscreen, and bring plenty of water to prevent problems with overheating. Even if you go during cooler times, you should still take this precaution. The canyon walls easily absorb the heat of the sun. Therefore, they can become quite hot.

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