Grand Canyon tour cost can be a large factor in choosing the best canyon tour for you. Before reviewing how much Grand Canyon tours cost from Las Vegas, it is important to understand the various types of tours. From Las Vegas, Nevada there are two main Grand Canyon tours. First is to the South Rim national park, which is the most popular entrance to the Grand Canyon. The second is the West Rim, also known as the location of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The South Rim national park is approximately five hours driving time from Las Vegas. The West Rim Skywalk, on the other hand, is only about 2 and a half hours. People say to see the genuine beauty of the Grand Canyon, the South Rim is the best place to go. However, if you’re in a hurry, then the West Rim is the location to travel to.

How Much Does A Grand Canyon Tour Cost

 Let’s get into the basics of what the Grand Canyon tour cost breakdown is for South Rim tours. The cheapest, most affordable tour option from Las Vegas, Nevada to the Grand Canyon is a South Rim bus tour. The exact price varies between the different tour companies. Generally, you can find a south rim bus tour including pick up from your Vegas hotel, breakfast snack, and lunch for around $90-$100. If you’re a frugal shopper and do a Google search, you will come across occasional coupons or discount codes that many tour operators have available.

Checking Tour Company Reviews

An important piece of advice is to check tour company reviews that you think might be an option as a tour for your group or family. Sometimes there will be a new, low budget, or discount tour operator that will sell a South Rim tour for less than any of the other companies. However, even if a company’s Grand Canyon tour cost is low, if they do not have strong reviews on Google and other sites, it is recommended you do not consider taking that tour. There are plenty of operators that have been around for numerous years and offer a fair tour at a fair price. It’s up to you to do research and find the tour operator that works best for your South Rim tour.

Different Grand Canyon National Park Tour Options

Some different tour options to be aware of are vehicle and transportation types. Some tour operators travel on older tour buses. These buses do not come with any amenities to make your trip more entertaining or comfortable. With an older vehicle as well, there is the possibility of having a bad experience due to a break down. On the contrary, there are tour operators that operate in luxury buses. These buses contain state-of-the-art sound systems, reclining seats, and other luxury comforts, making the five-hour canyon drive more relaxing. Another option is rather than taking a tour bus, book yourself a small group tour. Small group tour vehicles are typically Mercedes Sprinter vans that hold 10 to 13 passengers. Naturally, the Grand Canyon tour cost is higher for this option. Driving in a luxury vehicle, however, is typically a much nicer experience than riding the bus.

To recap, South Rim bus tours are usually in the range of $90 to $110 for a luxury bus tour. If you choose the small group luxury vehicle, you might expect to pay anywhere between $150 and $200 for this tour to Grand Canyon National Park.

How Much Does A West Rim Grand Canyon Tour Cost

What is a typical West Rim tour price from Las Vegas? West Rim tour prices are a bit more complex than South Rim tours. The West Rim features the attraction known as the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This is the famous horseshoe-shaped glass bridge you have likely seen in photos. Another interesting fact is that the West Rim is on Native American land and under the control of the tribe. There is an admission fee to enter the West Rim that priced between $50 and $100. If you would like to walk out on the Skywalk glass bridge, there is an additional charge for that between $20 and $30. Due to extra costs, the West Rim is overall a more expensive tour option.

If taking a luxury bus is not your preference, there is the option to take a small SUV or Mercedes van instead. The pricing for a small group tour to the West Rim Skywalk is usually around $225. Of course, depending on what add-ons you choose, this price can fluctuate also.

Other Grand Canyon West Activities

The West Rim also features exciting activities like helicopter flights and boat rides down the Colorado River. The cost for these outings varies depending on how extensive of a tour you decide to take. Generally, the price for a helicopter flight at Grand Canyon West is around $200. To add on a boat ride, it gets more expensive. As you can see, there is a large difference in the pricing of the West Rim versus the South Rim. While the South Rim has one flat entrance fee, the West Rim have many additional costs that can add up if you decide to purchase them.

Finding The Right Tour Company From Las Vegas 

It is encouraged that you do research to find companies that give great tours and have outstanding reviews. Once you find the right company, your price for a West Rim tour from Las Vegas, Nevada on a luxury bus should be around $150. With all the add-ons for a West Rim tour, that price can easily go up to $400. Still, if you’re visiting the Grand Canyon, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Therefore, it makes sense to splurge and try out some of the extra activities.

What To Expect From Grand Canyon Tour Prices 

In conclusion, the Grand Canyon tour cost between the South Rim and West Rim will vary group to group. For the South Rim, expect to pay about $100-$125 for a bus tour. For a small group tour to the South Rim, expect to pay around $200. For a West Rim bus tour from Las Vegas, prices should start around $150. A luxury small group tour for the West Rim is around $225 to start. Again, it is very important to do research, look at reviews, and compare tour companies. Usually, a company that has over 1000 reviews that are above an average of 4.5 tends to be a respectable company and a reliable choice for taking a tour to the South or West Room.

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