The best time for group tours from Las Vegas

From Las Vegas, a lot of people visit the Grand Canyon in the summer. That is because most people can take a vacation from June to August. However, if you want to experience more temperate weather, you should plan group tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in the fall and spring. That means you are better off traveling from March to May or September to November.

Taking a Grand Canyon tour

To facilitate one of the small or large group tours from Las Vegas to the canyon, you need to contact a premier travel operator, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. This tour experience allows you and your group to travel by luxury bus to the South Rim or West Rim of the canyon. Enjoy comforts, such as adjustable and cushioned seats, an onboard restroom, panoramic window views, and controlled AC.

All the driving is handled by Grand Canyon Destinations’ friendly and experienced drivers. Therefore, group tours from Las Vegas allow you to escape to the canyon for the day and return to Vegas that night. Each passenger is picked up from his or her hotel, or a nearby location and returned to the same spot at night. Tour guides make the journey even more exciting, as they provide information about interesting sites and canyon attractions.

Why take group tours from Las Vegas in the spring or fall

While you can visit the Grand Canyon just about any time of the year, you will find that going in the spring or fall will give you a chance to relax more and take in all the sights. During the summer months, monsoon rains often rage in the afternoon. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for this possibility.

Also, keep in mind that the canyon walls absorb the sun’s heat, which can make it feel stifling, especially if the temperatures read 80 degrees or more. However, you can settle in a nicely furnished air-conditioned bus, thereby giving you a reprieve from the heat for a while. People who take part in group tours from Las Vegas in the summer often do so to escape the outdoor heat while surveying the natural landscape.

Any Grand Canyon tour will impress you

Whenever you choose to go, you will find that any of the group tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon are both and fun and memorable. Book a reservation now if you plan to visit Vegas with a group of friends or co-workers. Contact Grand Canyon Destinations and make your travel plans.

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