Travel adventure is easy to achieve when you visit Las Vegas. Everything that happens in Las Vegas remains in Las Vegas. Just like a travel adventure to the Grand Canyon, a vacation in Vegas is a one-of-a-kind experience. Fortunately, when you stay in Vegas, you can also see the Grand Canyon. The short journey is only about four hours from Vegas. Grand Canyon tours, such as the trips sponsored by local travel operators like Grand Canyon Destinations, leave Vegas early and come back fairly early at night.

Taking a Grand Canyon Travel Adventure From Las Vegas

You can take a bus from your hotel or a nearby location and be dropped off at the same spot at night. Visitors embark on their travel adventure about 8 am, stopping off at Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. This 20-minute stopover allows passengers on Grand Canyon Destination tour buses to take pictures of the dam and the surrounding natural scenery.

Just think of all the photos you can share of Vegas, the Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon on Instagram and Facebook. Your family and friends will be as impressed and excited as you. That is why one of the Grand Canyon tours offered by Grand Canyon Destinations should be included on your vacation schedule.

What You Will See

Indeed, you can see a lot of natural wonders when you travel to Las Vegas and explore the Grand Canyon. You can begin by visiting the Springs Preserve in Vegas first. This natural area in Vegas features enchanting nature walks, and is overseen by the Las Vegas Valley Water District. You can find the preserve about three miles due west from the center of downtown Vegas. Walk the themed trails in the Preserve and check out the gardens, which take up about 8 acres.

This Vegas nature experience will acclimate you to the desert climate and a trip that covers one of the Grand Canyon tours to the South Rim or West Rim. If this is your first travel adventure to the canyon, begin by heading toward the South Rim, which offers the Bright Angel Trail for shaded hiking, and the Grand Canyon Village for anyone who wishes to go back to another time. Visitors can also obtain a good deal of introductory information at one of the South Rim’s visitor centers.

Book Your Travel Adventure Today

Book travel and experience one of the exciting Grand Canyon tours through tour providers, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. Get the most for your vacation dollar by adding a Grand Canyon tour to your Vegas trip now.

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